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We provide the best Printer & Scanner for rent at a very affordable cost. Printers and scanners have come a long way in recent years, making them incredibly useful tools for any home or office. Scanners allow you to quickly and easily scan paper documents directly onto your computer, making them accessible without having to file away physical copies. Furthermore, modern printers make it easy to do things like print photos directly from your phone, which makes sharing memories with family and friends much more convenient than ever before. Both printer and scanner products are now highly affordable, portable, easy to use options too - ideal for webmasters just starting out! 

Printer v/s Scanner

The printer and Scanner both are completely different devices and the main difference is the printer is an output device and the scanner is an input device. Both perform the inverse of one another. A printer creates the hard copy by processing a soft copy. Whereas, the scanner changed printed hard copy material into soft copy. 


A printer can be defined as a hardware output device which is used to generate the hard copy of a document. In the printer, a digital component is rendered on the paper by creating an impact or charge on a photosensitive material. Some example of printers is LED printer, Laser printer, 3D printer, Inkjet printer, etc. 


A scanner can be defined as an input device that scans the documents such as pages of text and photographs and then converts them into a digital format. In the Scanner, there is a use of illuminating lamp on the scan head. This lamp reflects the light onto the lens, which is then focused on the CCD (Charged Couple Device) array. Some example of a Scanner is a Drum scanner, Flatbed printers, Handheld scanners, etc.

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